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Kraków Food Tour

Discover Kraków in an entirely new way: from the gourmet perspective! A perfect insight into the Polish cuisine and Kraków culture during a hike and a coach tour. There is the Oscypek – made of sheep milk and smoked for two weeks over a Highlander bonfire; Lisiecka sausage – the favourite cold cut of Pope John Paul II; Obwarzanki Krakowskie bagels, whose recipe has not changed in over five centuries; Polish pierogis stuffed with meat, cheese, fruit or vegetables. You will have an opportunity to taste these and other delicacies visiting specially selected shops, cafés, restaurants, and open markets. Besides gourmet experience, we will also share information about the city’s history and architecture. The trip starts with a visit to the Jewish district of Kazimierz, to discover the area that used to be inhabited by one of the most varied Jewish communities in Europe. This is followed by a short visit at Wawel Hill, the embodiment of the Polish royal glory. Looking down from its top is the royal castle and the 14th-century cathedral where nearly all coronations and funerals of Polish kings were held. Coming down from the hill, we follow Kanonicza and Grodzka streets to Collegium Maius – the oldest of Jagiellonian University colleges. Having admired the charming Gothic quadrangle, the tour follows on to the Main Market Square – the beating heart of the city. It ends with a visit to St Mary’s Church, home to the high altar beautifully sculptured by Wit Stwosz (Veit Stoss), from whose tower an hourly bugle call is played to the four sides of the world. The programme consists of: a 4-hour gourmet tour of Kraków with an English guide, stopping at five places – shops, cafés, restaurants or open-air markets; participants are collected from selected hotels, visits to Wawel Cathedral and St Mary’s Church included. Available throughout the year, minimum 2 people, maximum – 20; in English.

Malopolska sweet delicacies

Route: Kraków – Iwkowa – Stróże – Łącko – Kraków
We will start our gourmet experience tour from the Plum Trail. From the region that is home to Suska Sechlońska prune, whose taste is slightly permeated with smoke. It is rather smoked than dried. The prune is de rigueur, if your bigos is to be good, or if you want to add character to your cabbage, not to mention meat dishes, plates based on buckwheat or groats, and even Krupnik soup which can earn gourmet magnificence thanks to just one prune. You will taste prune delicacies at Bacówka Biały Jeleń in Iwkowa. The next item on the agenda is a visit to the apiarist farm U Bartnika and Open-Air Museum of Apiculture in Stróże. It is an opportunity to taste honeys  and other bee products in the company of tales about the ways of these fascinating insects. Besides your taste buds, you will also be able to use your hands, and this thanks to a workshop in which you will make your own candle from bee wax. Sądecki Miód Spadziowy Honey is a traditional product. On your way back to Kraków, you will enjoy a visit at Maurer fruit press in Łącko, where you will have an opportunity to taste juices and distilled products, including the famous Śliwowica Łącka and Gruszkowica (i.e., plum and pear spirits), fruit wines and Jabcok, that is cider from around Sącz. Tasting tradition-based alcohols from local fruit, you will listen to the tale about the war that its manufacturer, Krzysztof Maurer, fought with the system that is loath to legalise local alcohols. Don’t forget to take big bags with you, as it is impossible to return from this journey without delicious honeys and juices, or exceptional plum jam.

A gourmet visit to Kraków and vicinity

Route: Kraków – Lanckorona – Stryszów – Wygiełzów – Kraków
The programme of your stay in Kraków begins with a gourmet visit to the city, and discovery of the charm of Kraków’s old city centre entered on the original UNESCO World Heritage list in 1978. The programme covers visits to the former Jewish district of Kazimierz, where Stephen Spielberg’s Schindler’s List takes place; Wawel Hill with the towering royal castle and its impressive Renaissance arcaded courtyards, and Gothic Cathedral Church – the site of coronations and necropolis of Polish Kings; and the Main Market Square – Europe’s largest mediaeval square with its lofty Gothic St Mary’s Church. During the visit, in specially selected shops, cafés, restaurants, and open markets, you will have an opportunity to taste local produce, notably Obwarzanek Krakowski bagel, Oscypek cheese, and Lisiecka sausage. In the afternoon, you are welcome to join a gourmet workshop in the making of pierogis: you will have an opportunity to learn the many ways of making them.
On the second day, you will visit the Wooden Architecture Trail in Małopolska. It connects picturesque Catholic and Orthodox churches with steep bell towers, traditional Polish manor houses, wooden villas, and open-air museums, gathering the most precious heritage of folk material culture. Our route leads through selected spots situated in the vicinity of Kraków: the picturesque town of Lanckorona with romantic developments around the market square, the manor house in Stryszów situated at the foot of Mt Chełm, and the Open Air Museum in Wygiełzów with picturesque farmsteads surrounded by their orchards and flower gardens, and accompanied by a wooden church. In Stryszów, we will visit an organic farm, where we will invite you to prepare truly healthy food together, and to enjoy the herbs. This will be accompanied by a lecture on ecology and healthy lifestyle.
Carnival of Tastes – Kraków, Malopolska

Every late January and early February, Małopolska invites everyone interested in culinary traditions, local products, and wholesome foods to participate in the Carnival of Tastes for two weeks. The event consists of gourmet and tasting events, workshops, and Kraków Food Tours. Recommended restaurants prepared special ‘carnival’ menu composed of traditional Polish dishes. Selected hotels and shops in the city let you find a souvenir of the taste – local and regional products – before you leave, and take it home. All tourists are offered free of charge discount coupons distributed through tourist information points, selected Kraków hotels, and project partners. They remain valid throughout the Carnival. Visitors are welcome to make the most of the Carnival route and take in the tastes of Małopolska, stow some healthy, organic products. The Kraków Food Tours are held for the whole year and provide the only opportunity to visit the city and taste traditional Polish gourmet products at the same time.

A Jewish dinner at Ariel

You are invited to a Jewish dinner with a concert of klezmer music. Consuming traditional dishes, notably Berdyczów soup, carp the Jewish way, and pascha cake, you will have an opportunity to listen to Jewish folk melodies and songs in Yiddish. Ariel has captivated many visitors, including Stephen Spielberg, who was fascinated by its unique atmosphere while he lived in Kraków, working on his Oscar-winning Schindler’s List. The restaurant is situated in the heart of the Jewish district of Kazimierz, in Szeroka street.


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