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- Copernicus’ birthplace, known for numerous historical buildings, the university, and gingerbread. Toruń was established in 1233 by the Teutonic Knights, and soon became a wealthy trading town, which mutinied against the rules of the Order in 1454 and asked the Polish kings to take over. In the Old Town, a mediaeval network of the streets has been preserved and since 1997 has been on the UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage. Most worth seeing is the old town square with its huge Gothic Town Hall and the house where Copernicus, the genius astronomer, was born. About 25 miles to the northeast is the magnificent castle of Golub Dobrzyń, built by the Order at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. In the 17th century, the Swedish princess Anna Waza, the sister of Polish king Zygmunt III Waza, had her residence there, and had it rebuilt in Renaissance style. The armoury with cannons, armour, banners, etc. is extremely interesting. Picturesque tournaments in historical costumes and New Years Eve celebrations are organised in the castle nowadays.


- is a harbour town in northwestern Poland. Tourists are attracted to Szczecin by the many historical buildings, and the castle of the Pomorze dukes in particular. The Bell Tower has a gallery 100 feet up, and the panorama of the city from it is spectacular. There are numerous greens to walk – Jasne Błonia – the biggest city’s open space, Wały Chrobrego – walks along the river Odra. The largest Polish island, Wolin, is situated 45 miles away. Most of its attractions are part of the Woliński National Park – the cliff shore, the picturesque Lake Czajcze with its many species of water plants and animals, the Turkusowe Lake, the bison reserve, pine forests and wild islands. The most popular holiday resort on the island is Międzyzdroje. Every year on Wolin, a Viking Festival is held.


- a well-known and liked Baltic spa and tourist centre. Clear water and wide beaches attract lovers of sea bathing, wind surfing and sunbathing. It has been a spa for over 200 years. Mud and salt are used for treatments in specialist spas. The long boulevard going far into the sea and ending with a sea lantern provides a great opportunity for walks.
Travelling from Poznań to Częstochowa it is worth visiting Gołuchów and Antonin. Gołuchów looks exactly like a Renaissance palace of the Loire Valley. It has been in existence for 400 years, it present shape was given to it in the middle of the 19th century by Izabela Czartoryska and her husband, Jan Działyński. The owner, daughter of the Polish Great Emigration in Paris – Adam Czartoryski – turned the residence into an Earthen Paradise. An interesting collection of Oriental and European Art accumulated by the Działyńskis is worth seeing there. Antonin – a wooden hunting lodge built for the prince Antoni Radziwiłł. It has four octagonal floors, where concerts and festivals of Chopin’s music are organised. The famous composer was music teacher to Radziwiłł’s daughter. One can overnight in the palace, since there is a hotel there.

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