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- one of the most magnificent aristocratic residences in the area. The beautiful French park and landscape park are part of the complex. The palace itself was designed in the Baroque style, and it was only in the early 19th century that two semicircular wings were added. Visitors are invited to see a collection of Polish art inside the palace.


- situated on an island in a small lake, it was built in English Gothic style in the 19th century and is surrounded by a huge park. Kórnik’s arboretum is full of unique species of trees and is the most beautiful in the country. The castle has been owned by Zamojski family, who are very dedicated to the country and its welfare. The castle now appears as a typical private residence, and has an extensive art gallery.

Piast Route

- starts in Poznań, and goes through Toruń and towns connected with the establishment of the state – the Piast times, and other attractive places. Ostrów Lednicki – an island on Lednica lake – the place where Poland was christened. Even now, one can see the ruins of the10th-century temple and palatium – the duke’s castle. Annually in June, one can take part in the Kupała Rites – the feast of welcoming summer, love and fertility. Near the island, an Ethnographic Park has been established. Gniezno – the first capital of the Polans’ state, their biggest town, and the coronation site of 5 kings. Tourists come here to visit Gniezno Cathedral and to see the famous bronze doors showing scenes from St. Adalbert’s life and martyrdom. Biskupin, originally the oldest settlement in Poland, reconstructed now without the use of a single nail. In mid September, there is a festival presenting the life of people in the 8th century. One can learn crafts: pottery, smith, weaving, etc. In Wenecja (Venice), you can visit the Narrow Gauge Train Museum, see a hundred-year-old train, and ride in it. In Kruszwica, situated by Lake Gopło, there stands a tower where, according to the legend, mice ate King Popiel. Apart from the Mice Tower, the Romanesque church, from the 12th century, should be visited and you should go for an hour-long cruise of the lake.

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