What should be seen?

Old Town Square

- the heart of the town and a favourite gathering place. The square is surrounded by colourful houses and palaces. In the middle, there is the Town Hall, one of the most beautiful Renaissance town halls in Europe. It is decorated with three levels of cloisters and a parapet. The major attractions of this edifice are the famous Poznań goats, appearing in one of the arches every day at noon. The Town Hall also houses the Museum of the History of Poznań.

Ostrów Tumski

- a former settlement located in the fork of two rivers, it was, from its inception, one of the major towns subordinated to the Piasts. It was the Duke’s administrative, economic, military and sacral centre of high importance. The well-fortified Ostrów Tumski, with its strong walls, was one of the vital elements of the Polish defence system. The Gniezno Meeting, in the year 1000, made it also the site of a bishopric, the see being located in the cathedral, where members of the oldest Polish aristocratic families are buried, some of the memorials dating back to the 16th century. The first two Polish kings are buried in the Golden Chapel in the presbytery. The oldest parts of the building are to be seen underground.

Krupnicza 3

31-123 Kraków

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