Where to go further?
  • Gdańsk - Łeba– 90 miles
  • Gdańsk - Elbląg– 40 miles (Ostróda – Elbląg Canal)
  • Gdańsk - Olsztyn– 110 miles
  • Gdańsk - Toruń– 120 miles


- one of the most popular and beautiful seaside spas. Łeba is situated close to the Słowiński National Park, which has been listed by UNESCO as a Worlds Biosphere Reserve. The major attraction of this park is the huge shifting dunes and lakes at the seashore. The Park is also a real paradise for birds; there are over 250 species of them.


- is known for its Canal, one of the most interesting historical technical constructions in Poland. Built in the 19th century, it covers over 140 miles (together with offshoots), the main route is 60 miles long. It consisted of a system of canals and locks connecting neighbouring lakes. Most interesting are the slides of a very unusual construction, allowing the ships to be towed along rails. The difference between between the lakes is too big to use locks. A cruise on a canal ship is quite an attraction.


- is a good starting point to the Mazury – the district of a thousand lakes. In the city itself the Gothic castle is worth seeing, now a museum of Warmia and Mazury, and the old town with the main square, where the town hall stands, a Gothic Cathedral, remnants of fortifications and old houses where there are many restaurants and cafes.


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