Out of town


- the most popular coastal spa. Its career began in 1824, when the first baths were built. One can walk the pier that goes far into the sea, sit on a bench along the pier (actually the longest bench in Europe) or walk the Heroes of Monte Cassino Street, with its elegant shops and people showing off their latest outfits. It would be difficult to choose which restaurant to sit and eat in, there is such a wide selection.

Szwajcaria Kaszubska

- a region with extremely picturesque landscapes and rich folk traditions. In the Kaszuby Museum, one can see original embroidery, toys and snuffboxes made of ivory. In Chmielno, one should visit the pottery workshops, where you can see the production process and buy souvenirs. In Wdzydze Kiszewskie, it is a must to go to the open-air museum to see houses, a windmill, an inn, a school and a church. It is also worth going for a cruise of the local water – Wdzydze Lake.

Teutonic Castles

- it was in the 13th century that the Teutonic knights built huge Gothic fortresses that we can still see. The most impressive and extensive is the castle in Malbork, which was the capital of Teutonic Order State at that time. Malbork castle is the biggest Gothic brick stronghold in Europe. It covers almost 80 acres. You should visit the Great Master’s Palace, the High and Medium Castle with their collection of historical military objects, and you must not forget the excellent collection of amber. The next example of this Order’s architecture is the cathedral and castle in Kwidzyn.

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