Theme parties & dinners

Gala dinner in the Artus Hall

- This impressive mansion is located in Gdańsk’s most beautiful street – Długi Targ. It served as the seat of St. George and the brotherhoods of rich patricians, and as an exchange. Founded as a meeting place for merchants and dignitaries, it was named after the legendary King Arthur and his round table. Now it is a museum with elegant and stylish interiors dating back to the 16th century. Dinner here with the accompaniment of chamber music will be an unforgettable experience. Maximum capacity: 150.

Old Polish Feast in Malbork

- This event is organised in Europe’s largest Gothic fortress in Malbork. We offer an exciting night tour of the castle and a real feast with specialities of old Polish cuisine, a sound & light performance, knightly tournaments and live festive music. Maximum capacity: 70.

Evening in Kadyny

- This event is organised in one of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s summer residences, in Kadyny, which once included its own imperial distillery. The chamberlain of the imperial court will invite you to taste the Kaiser’s favourite drinks and delicious meals prepared in the palace’s restaurant. Maximum capacity: 90.

A visit to the Commander of Gniew Castle

- In Gniew there is a most attractive former Teutonic Gothic castle on the northern shores of the Wisła River. Guests dressed in period costume will sample traditional foods at a historically themed feast, and will learn about the customs and dances of a chosen era. The feast includes displays of armed combat. Maximum capacity: 130.

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