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On the Amber Route

- Amber is the stone with soul, as the ancients believed. To acquire it, they travelled as far the Baltic Sea. Amber from Gdańsk is appreciated all over the world. The programme of this special city sightseeing tour of Gdańsk will include Długi Targ – Gdańsk’s most beautiful street, with the Town Hall, Artus Hall, and Mariacka street. Numerous jewellery galleries have their shops there, all of them selling amber, of course. Then a visit to the Gothic St. Bridget’s Church to see the biggest altar made of amber. We’ll visit one of the amber galleries to get acquainted with the fascinating history of amber and its origins, and to have a go at working on pieces of amber provided by the organisers. You can see and buy unique pieces of amber, objets d’art featuring amber, as well as exquisite amber jewellery.

Oliwa Cathedral

- The district of Oliwa is famous for its Gothic Cistercian monastery, which was originally built in the 13th century. The architecture of the cathedral is almost intact, but the interior decoration is Baroque. The Cathedral’s 18th-century organ is one of the best in Poland. In the monastery houses, there is the Diocesan Museum of ethnography and modern art. The whole complex is located in the middle of the beautiful and spacious park. After visiting the cathedral, we will hear a private organ concert.

Teutonic Castle in Malbork

- It was the 13th century when the Teutonic Knights built the huge Gothic fortresses that we can still see. The most impressive and extensive is the castle in Malbork, which was the capital of the Teutonic Order State at that time. Malbork castle is the biggest Gothic brick stronghold in Europe. It covers around 80 acres. We will visit the Great Master’s Palace, the High and Medium Castles with their collection of historical, military objects and an excellent collection of amber. Malbork can offer an exciting night tour of the castle, combined with specific tasks performed by the participants. A sound & light performance adds another dimension to this colossal structure.

Cruise on the Elbląg - Ostróda canal

- Elbląg is known for its Canal, one of the most interesting historical technical constructions in Poland. Built in the 19th century, it stretches over 140 miles (together with offshoots), and the main channel is 60 miles long. It consists of a system of canals and locks connecting neighbouring lakes. Most interesting are slides of a very unusual construction allowing the ships to be towed along rails. The difference in level between the lakes is too great to use locks. A cruise by canal ship with the accompaniment of live shanty music will be attractive and enjoyable.

Golf Academy in Sierra Golf Club in Wejherowo

- This Golf Club is located in the beautiful and picturesque area of Pomerania, 30 km from Gdańsk. At the disposal of the guests are an 18-hole course (par 72) and an Academy of Golf with a 9-hole training course (par 36). We suggest a private golf tournament or golf lessons.

Folk arts workshop

- The Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie is the oldest Polish open-air museum, founded in 1906.The Museum exhibits architecture of the Kashubian and Kociewian Districts dating from the 18th up to the first half of the 20th century. In an area of 22 hectares, there are approximately 40 buildings, including: 7 farmyards, 2 manor houses, 5 cottages, 4 manors, a village school with a classroom, a church, a sawmill, a windmill, and a smithy. The interiors and crofts are furnished with original farming and dwelling equipment. We would like to invite you here to participatory presentations of traditional folk activities, including: painting on glass, embroidery, pottery, wickerwork, woodcarving, quill calligraphy, and minting coins.

Nordic Walking in Sopot

- The beautiful Polish coastline, the beaches stretching from Gda?sk to Hel, and the exceptional landscape invite all those craving for active leisure. Long walks, finding joy in admiring the sea, and an opportunity to inhale iodine are some of the best reasons to go Nordic Walking in Sopot at the Haffner Hotel. Nordic Walking provides physical exercise for everybody, regardless of age, body weight and initial fitness level. It builds cardiovascular fitness, engages and strengthens virtually all muscles, effectively burns calories, reduces the stress to joints and releases muscle tension. It is extremely easy to master, and provides opportunities for great experiences during and after exercising. It produces a state of euphoria and relaxation, getting you gradually addicted to it, and most important of all, you do it outdoors in contact with nature.

Fishing in the Baltic Sea

- We invite you to participate in year-round fishing cruises across the Baltic Sea on a fishing boat. We offer a 9-hour cruise with fishing equipment and meal on board. Our fishing boat has a Radio-buoy, shortwave transmitter, and long-range phone. It is equipped with a 165 KW engine, NAVTEX system, 3+ GPS, radar and echo-probe HONDEX. Basic parameters: length – 18 m, width – 5.2 m. Our cook can prepare a meal for participants with the fish they have caught.

Discovering the Secrets of Gniew Castle

- An unusual tour of this Gothic Castle, which in the 14th century was the seat of the Teutonic Commander. Participants navigate their way around the castle between designated stations, where they try on a suit of armour, fire a crossbow or longbow and learn about historical handicrafts. After the tour, we will see a concert by candlelight performed by the Gregorian choir Schola Cantorum Gymevensis in the Castle Chapel.

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