Recommended restaurants

Pod Łososiem

- A restaurant with traditions dating back to the 16th century, with stylish, elegant interiors. This is where Goldwasser was first made – the liqueur with gold flakes added. Speciality of the house: Gdańsk salmon in crayfish sauce, grilled wild salmon, eel in dill sauce, sturgeon in caviar sauce, hare in cream sauce, duck pate, chanterelle mushrooms with crayfish necks. Capacity: 100 seats in 3.

Dwór Oliwski

- An elegant restaurant located in a 17th-century manor, Dwór Oliwski offers dishes from all over the world, but the speciality and a particular passion of the French Chef is refined French cuisine. In the unique atmosphere of the Wine Lounge in the manor’s Wine Cellar, the guests may taste various cocktails and especially delight the palate with a wide selection of French wines. Capacity: 100 seats in 2 rooms.


- The chefs here are obviously cooking from their hearts when they turn out dishes with such flair and flavour. Throughout, the wood panelled interior, images of epic naval battles and elegant tables set for captains complement each other perfectly. It could trade on its waterfront location alone, but its thanks to the quality of the cuisine and service that Tawerna has become one of the best places to eat in Gdańsk. Capacity: 70 seats in 2 rooms.


- The highlight of this restaurant is its 17th-century Gda?sk setting: life size townsfolk figures, a 17th-century portrait of a Gda?sk cog captain, and medallions showing famous citizens. Historical Halls: the Great Royal Hall, the Gda?sk lounge, and the Hevelius Cellar. Speciality of the house: Gda?sk goose, wild boar cutlet, Gda?sk flounder, Gda?sk braised stuffed beef rolls, vegetarian dishes. Capacity: 220 seats in 5 rooms.

Krupnicza 3

31-123 Kraków

tel. +48 12 422 58 40

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