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Traces of Frederic Chopin in Warsaw

- This most famous Polish composer and his mazurkas, polonaises and etudes are known all around the world. Here there are many mementoes connected with Frederic Chopin. Every five years the very famous and popular International Chopin Music Competition takes place in Warsaw. Here the Chopin Society has its seat in the Ostrogski Palace. The collection of the Chopin Museum in Ostrogski Palace includes portraits, letters, manuscripts, as well as the grand piano on which Chopin composed during the last two years of his life. Here we arrange for you, after visiting the museum, a private piano recital.

City sightseeing tour of Warsaw by vintage bus

- This city sightseeing tour is a fine introduction to the history of the city. It shows the main monuments of Warsaw from the windows of a vintage bus – the Royal Castle and Royal Route, but also an example of socialist era architecture – the Palace of Culture and Science – a gift from the Soviet people in 1952. During the sightseeing you will taste typical Polish vodka accompanied by Stalin – the former Soviet leader.

Visit to Żelazowa Wola

- A romantic country manor housing the Chopin Museum, and the place where this world famous composer was born in 1810. The rooms look as in Chopin’s time; one can see family portraits, copies of notes and documents, and of course a piano – one of the instruments that Chopin played. One of the most moving experiences will be a private piano concert held in this manor.

Visit to the vodka factory

- The most popular alcohol in Poland is vodka. Traditionally vodka is served neat, well chilled, in measures of 25 or 50 grammes. The best and most popular clear vodkas are Wyborowa, Polonez, and Chopin. Of the flavoured varieties, first on most people’s list is ?ubrówka, a legendary vodka infused with the taste of bison grass from the eastern Bia?owie?a forest. Others to look out for are Wi?niówka, a sweetish, strong wild cherry concoction, Krupnik, which is akin to whisky liqueur. The Koneser factory is situated in Warsaw, in 19th-century buildings – monuments to industrial architecture. This distillery, renowned in the past, has been producing vodka since 1897. Visit and vodka tasting: presentation of 10 kinds of vodka accompanied by information about various methods of production and traditional habits of consumption.

Folk & Agro in Klepisko Inn

- The Klepisko Grange is situated in the vicinity of Lake Zegrzynskie, a 35-minute drive from the centre of Warsaw. Klepisko is an inn with a rustic interior, maintaining the atmosphere of an old Polish Village. An open-air area with picnic shelters, wooden benches, bonfires, viewing tower, an authentic village hut from the 19th century, a collection of tools and antique houshold objects, and a windmill. Guests are welcomed by a folk band with bread and salt, and may then participate in a variety of activities related to rural life, including the “pierogi academy” (the participants will be trained by a professional cook and then make traditional Polish specialities – pierogi).

Training in creative artistic activity

- The participants’ task during these sessions is to prepare an artistic performance or theatre show. The emotional potential that appears during artistic performances is enormous: participants who spend most of their time behind a desk transform into drumming masters, capoeira dancers, or circus magicians. Through this, they want to show what is most important to them and to enjoy the magnificent performance they have created. An artistic event gains social meaning when the audience is children.
The performance is staged in the countryside outside Warsaw where theatre is not very common. When we add some educational character to the performance, the profit and satisfaction for the children are even greater. Preparing a performance for the audience heats up the atmosphere and the pressure of time and outcome is
as real as in everyday work!

Training in equestrian performances

- The training is organised at the Wilczeniec Country Club (15 km from Warsaw) which is a unique centre which maintains the culture and customs of a traditional Polish manor house. A group of professional stuntmen demonstrate Polish cavalry and horsemanship skills, such as dismounting a horse while at a full gallop, leaping over the horse etc. Then the guests have the chance to practise these skills and learn how to ride a horse drawn carriage. The event is followed by a picnic party in the forest.

Tai Chi in the royal park

- Tai chi is a system of slow, harmonious movements invented in China in the 11th century. The aim of the system is to improve and maintain physical and mental health, and it is a marvellous way to improve your health and relax your mind and body. The fluid movements of Taoist Tai Chi also serve as a form of meditation in movement which reduces stress and provides a foundation for the constant improvement of mind and body. We offer Tai Chi training in the ?azienkowski Park in Warsaw, run by a Professional instructor from the Taoist Tai Chi Association.

Rally "Behind the Iron Curtain"

- Eighty percent of Warsaw was destroyed during the Second World War, and the rebuilding of the city coincided with the emergence of Socialist Realism. Today, Warsaw’s cityscape has many survivors of the communist period – hidden gems of Soviet architecture. During this 3-hour rally, will you see the famous sights of communist Warsaw, and you will also be able to experience first-hand some very special Sovietesque experiences, recreated just for your entertainment – like tasting some communist specialities at a “milk bar” and riding in a Fiat 126p, the People’s Car! To win the prize, you will need to follow the instructions, pass through all the checkpoints, and gather as many points as possible. Each team receives a roadbook and a map of Warsaw.

Event in the Makedonskich Farm

- The farm of Marek and Magda Makedonski in Zawiesiuchy is located far from civilisation, 10 km from Sulejówek, 30 km from the centre of Warsaw. The farm covers an area of several hundred hectares, including woods, meadows and 120 hectares of water. There is also a fishery: the habitat of 15 species of fish. On the farm, there is also a stud farm of pure bred English horses. There are horses for races and leisure, as well as a horse riding training centre. There is also the highest climbing wall in Poland, quad and off-road car rentals, and a whole selection of tracks and circuits of varying difficulty levels. We can organize a variety of events here, including outdoor games, water activities, off-road rallies, garden parties and many others.

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