Recommended restaurants


- The Belvedere Restaurant, situated in the Royal Lazienki Park in the historic interiors of the New Orangery, is one of the most elegant restaurants in Warsaw. Its unique atmosphere is created by rich greenery and candlelight. Excellent cuisine: traditional Polish and European. Capacity: 280 seats in 3 rooms.

U Fukiera

- This restaurant, arranged in an Old Townhouse situated in the Old Town Square, is known as the finest restaurant interior in Warsaw, with old furniture, elegant tableware and attractive paraphernalia. The ambience of the restaurant is complemented by herbs, candles and flowers and live music. The speciality of the house is pork knuckles in aspic with marinated boletus mushrooms, pikeperch in leek mousse, and poppy-seed torte. Capacity: 130 seats in 2 rooms.

Dom Polski

- The Dom Polski Restaurant perfectly reflects the Polish national climate and spirit. Situated in the Saska K?pa district in a large fine house with a cosy garden in summer season. Indoors, the restaurant has several dining rooms and an orangery. Typical Polish cuisine, as well as low-fat, plenty of fish, game and poultry. Capacity: 170 seats in 5 rooms.


- This smooth and stylish restaurant is considered one of the top spots in the city. An unconventionally located hi-tech confection of concrete and glass, Biblioteka, now with an open roof garden, is an intriguing mix of industrial chic and old world. The food is cooked and served with competence, everything comes beautifully presented – particularly the desserts, which are works of art, and taste sublime. Capacity: 120 seats


- The Restaurant is located on the Market Square in the heart of the Old Town. It is an old family restaurant with a tradition dating back to the year 1894. Carefully renovated interiors: 4 dinning rooms, give the impression that time has stopped here. The chef’s specialities are traditional old Polish meals like baked duck with apples, pheasant in crimson sauce or roast piglet Kraków style. Capacity: 140 seats in 5 rooms.

Villa Nuova

- This memorable restaurant is located next to the famous Baroque Wilanów Palace. Villa Nuova – furnished with mahogany and chandeliers – represents no less than culinary excellence. Private rooms, an impressive cellar and a highly professional staff make you feel special and create a perfect evening. The restaurant offers specialities of international cuisine. Capacity: 120 seats in 5 rooms.

Villa Foksal

- Villa Foksal is simply like no other restaurant in Warsaw. With the atmosphere of a private residence, it is located in historical garden in the heart of Warsaw. Interior: easy colour schemes and a relaxed contemporary design. The inventive menu can be best described as modern European with emphasis on Polish cuisine. Capacity : 140 seats in 3 rooms.

Ale Gloria

- This restaurant is located in the cellars of an 18th-century house on the Three Cross Square. The design of the interior was inspired by Jacek Malczewski. His Symbolist allegories were the inspiration for both the name of the restaurant and for certain elements of the decor. This new venture adds a new dimension to Polish cuisine. Recipes from Polish manor cuisine are combined with more or less known traditional dishes to present a new image of our culinary art. Capacity: 250 seats in 6 rooms.

Pod Gigantami

- Situated in the centre of Warsaw on Ujazdowskie Avenue in a historic house. Elegance, discretion, quiet... a series of dining chambers decorated with classic furnishing, with marble busts and gilt framed fittings. Top-class knowledgeable service. Cuisine: “Discover how light and refined Polish cuisine can be…”. Capacity 100 seats in 4 rooms.


- It has been a couple of years since Kom was launched, but we have yet to find an interior to rival it. Situated in the city centre next to the Palace of the Culture and Science. Very modern and smart interiors. The menu features dishes from across the globe. Very modern and smart interiors. Capacity: 140 seats in 4 rooms.

Krupnicza 3

31-123 Kraków

tel. +48 12 422 58 40

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