Theme parties & dinners

Miners’ feast at the Wieliczka Salt Mine

- This is organised in the historic chambers of the Salt Mines, considered one of the wonders of the world. Entered by UNESCO on the World Cultural Heritage list in 1978. The tourist route on three levels of the mine covers roughly half a mile of corridors, 20 chambers carved in salt, all at a depth from 200 to 400 feet. St. Kinga’s Chapel is a breathtaking place – a church where everything is made of salt – crystal chandeliers, altars, sculptures and floor paving carved in the salt layer. The event starts with a welcome by the Miners’ orchestra and a short tour with local guides and special „light and sound“ effects. In one of the chambers, we offer a delicious dinner with specialities of Polish cuisine and live festive music. Maximum capacity: 600.

Old Polish Feast

- This is organised at the castle at Niepołomice. The former Royal Castle in Niepołomice was built in the 15th century by Kazimierz Wielki. The work of Kazimierz was continued by Władysław Jagiełło, Zygmunt I Stary and Zygmunt August, who gave the castle its present Renaissance shape with internal arcaded courtyard. The castle, after renovation work, has regained its splendour and nowadays all the beautiful historical interiors are used for congresses, balls, banquets, and cultural events. 150 people can be seated in the main audience hall. In summer, we can prepare an open-air party in the courtyard or, if the weather is bad or during other seasons, inside the castle. We offer a real feast with specialities of old Polish cuisine, fireworks, knightly tournaments and live festive music. Maximum capacity: 600.

Banquet in the Engineering Museum

- This very special evening will start by a transfer on board an old tram which was in operation in Kraków in sixties. After a short tour of the exposition, the banquet/cocktail will take place in one of the oldest tram garages, built in 1882 among old trams, vehicles and public transport buses. Maximum capacity: 200.

Evening at the Słowacki Theatre

- This beautiful building, modelled on the Paris Opera, was completed in 1893. Its splendid, richly ornate interiors create an unforgettable atmosphere. We propose a private performance of a ballet or operetta and refined dining in the beautiful foyers of the theatre. Maximum capacity: 500.

Cocktail party in Collegium Maius of the Jegiellonian University

- Krakow is the home of one of the oldest universities in Europe, the Jagiellonian University, founded in 1364. Among the most prominent students of this university were Nicolaus Copernicus, whose heliocentric theory of the universe revolutionized our vision of the world, and Karol Wojtyla, later elected to become Pope John Paul II. The university’s oldest preserved building is Collegium Maius, dating back to the 15th century – now a university museum. We invite you for a cocktail party in Collegium Maius. During the party you will have a chance to try traditional Polish delights accompanied by a harpist. Maximum capacity: 60.

Diplomacy and hunting, the last fight in Tomaszowice

- The 19th-century country manor has regained its glory and invites you for a visit to the restored interiors and a beautiful park. Our guests will be transferred to the times of the national epic poem “Pan Tadeusz”. The decorations of the hall, as well as the ball itself refer to one of the chapters of this poem “Diplomacy and Hunting”. In the conservatory, a music group will be playing polonaises, mazurkas, waltzes, polkas, and long dresses and glistening jewellery will add to the Diplomacy. The Hunting, less formal protocol and ambience will provide an excellent opportunity to dance to folk and traditional music in the Old Granary. The delights of traditional Polish cuisine will please your palate. Maximum capacity: 800.

With the Franciscan Friars

- The Franciscan Church in Kraków has a magnificent collection of Polish Art Nouveau works. In this setting, we offer a concert of Piotr Rubik, currently Poland’s most popular composer, with pieces from his triptychof oratorios “Holy Cross Golgotha” – “Tu es Petrus” (Dedicated to Pope John Paul II) – “September Psalter”. These pieces have broken records, both in terms of chart placings and numbers of albums sold. After the concert, you will be invited to the Franciscan cloisters for a monks’ feast, where dishes prepared according to antique abbey recipes will be served. Maximum capacity: 400.

In the blooming gardens

- In the beautiful scenery of one of the most renowned gardens in Kraków, at the foot of the Royal Wawel Castle, lavish foliage and multicoloured flowers will provide the background for a pleasurable evening. In the garden of the Archeological Museum, we offer you a buffet or served Polish dinner accompanied by Poland’s most popular pianist, Waldemar Malicki. He performs recitals of piano improvisation in the virtuoso style of the Nineteenth Century, completed with light-hearted narration and humorous commentary. Maximum capacity: 1000.

Polish Evening

- This is a very special evening organized in the heart of Kraków, in the Palace “Pod Baranami”, which was built in the sixteenth century. The elegant rooms on the first floor offer a beautiful view of the Cloth Hall and the tower of the former Town Hall in the Main Market Square. Polish cuisine will be available (buffet or served menu), accompanied by chamber music. Maximum capacity: 200.

Cocktail in the Museum of Pharmacy

- The Jagiellonian University Museum of Pharmacy, founded in Krakow in 1946, is one of the few such museums in the world. Situated in the historical building on the Royal Route (Floria?ska Street), and with beautifully decorated rooms – typical interiors of 16th-19th-century pharmacies. A welcome drink in the courtyard, then a tour through the displays to the rooms on the first floor, where cocktails will be served, accompanied by harp music. Maximum capacity: 40.

Evening in the Museum of Aviation

- Situated 15 minutes’ drive from the Old Town, and surrounded by a park. The museum’s collection comprises more than one hundred aircraft, including gliders, helicopters and anti-aircraft missiles, and also some two hundred aero engines. Dinner is served in an old hangar, on round tables surrounded by models of old aircraft and accompanied by pop or jazz music.
Maximum capacity: 400.

The Cabaret show "Entertain the Dragon" in the 15th c Arsenal

- An event in the 15th-century former Arsenal, part of Kraków’s defensive wall system, and now housing the Czartoryski Museum, the oldest historical museum in Poland. An aperitif at the entrance, followed by a tour through the displays to see Leonardo da Vinci’s “Lady with an Ermine” and Rembrandt’s “Landscape with Good Samaritan”, then dinner served in the largest room of the arsenal. For entertainment, we offer The Cabaret “Entertain the Dragon” – a colourful show and humorous introduction to Polish history, traditions, legends, and the Polish sense of humour. The audience participates in the performance and the games, learning Polish customs, dances and songs. This performance lasts around 1 hour, and is a mixture of cabaret, and performance of Polish dances, folklore, jokes, and so on. Maximum capacity: 150.

Jazz in Old Kraków

- Jazz came to Poland in the 1920s. After World War II, jazz was banned altogether by Stalin. The first legal post-war jazz festival was held in Kraków in November 1954. Now our city is home to many jazz clubs. We invite you to a marvellous performance in the Piano Rouge basement jazz club in the heart of the Old Town. Piano Rouge is a lively cellar bar on the Market Square. Gold glitter sparkles on the medieval masonry, and faux baroque furniture fills every corner. The club has the feel of a sort of modern day Moulin Rouge.  Maximum capacity: 50.

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