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Magic Kraków

- City sightseeing tour by old tram – this city sightseeing tour is a fine introduction to the history of the city. It shows the main monuments of Kraków, from the windows of an old tram – the Jagiellonian University, the Barbican and the Floriańska Gate, the Słowacki Theatre, the defensive walls, Wawel Royal castle, and the Jewish district of Kazimierz. Local actors, present in the tram, will relate the magic atmosphere of Old Kraków –  street artists – musicians, a local folk band, town folklore, the Lajkonik (personification of a Tartar prince representing one of the oldest traditions), bugle call, flower sellers, and people resembling Kraków personages.

Art Nouveau in Kraków – city sightseeing tour

- At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Kraków was the centre of the unprecedented artistic exploration known in Europe under such names as Art Nouveau, Secession, Style Moderne, and in Poland also Young Poland. Kraków had become Poland’s “spiritual capital”, innovative in all areas of art. The figureheads of the Young Poland movement were Stanisław Wyspiański, Jacek Malczewski, and Józef Mehoffer. The sightseeing programme includes the following: St. Mary’s Church and Franciscan Church with their splendid stained glass windows, The Gallery of Polish Art in the Cloth Hall, and the Słowacki Theatre. Stopping off in the Jama Michalika cafe, we discover the favourite haunt of artists and intellectuals. Coffee and cakes are available here, and, optionally, caricatures of the participants of our tour can be painted on the spot.

Experience Communism in Kraków

- The Berlin Wall may have been dismantled, but many of Kraków’s most famous communist artefacts are alive and well. Visit Nowa Huta, the district that still bears witness to the power of the Soviets. We’ll drive you to the Nowa Huta district and steelworks and revisit the architecture and sights that made Communism famous. Stories and anecdotes, transportation in a genuine two-stroke Trabant 601 or communist bus from the 1970s, a socialist appetizer in a Communist-era restaurant. This tour includes the rare opportunity to explore everyday life in Poland in the 1970s in our exclusive and unchanged Communist apartment.; to eat pickled cucumbers and toast times past with our close friend, and Communist relic, Mr.Wiesław. You can also try your hand at driving the trusty Trabant. Vodka tasting with real Polish workers in our exclusive and unchanged 1970s apartment.

Latin and Jewish quarters in Kraków

- Visit the University district of the Old Town; the Collegium Maius - the historic heart of the Jagiellonian university complex. An arcaded courtyard and the University museum located on the first floor of the Gothic building. Then walk to the tram stop and ride a vintage tram around the Old Town. Wooden seats, tram driver dressed in historical uniform and a glass of vodka at the beginning of the ride. Followed by a sightseeing tour of the Jewish quarter, Kazimierz .At the end of the visit; a private concert of klezmer music in the former “mikvah”: Klezmer Hois.

Raft trip down the Dunajec River

- Below the heights of the Pieniny Mountains, the fast-moving Dunajec River, which forms the border with Slovakia, twists and turns below great limestone rockfaces and craggy peaks. The two- to three-hour journey on wooden rafts navigated by highlanders in their regional costumes, gives you the opportunity to appreciate the scenic surroundings of forests, sheer limestone crags and spectacular cliffs.

Integration and adventure in caves

- Exploring the limestone caves of the Jura, which spreads from Kraków to Częstochowa. Entry to most of them is possible only with licensed guides. Under their supervision, when wearing special suits, crash helmets, and equipped with torches – you may go sightseeing for 2-3 hours in caves that are normally inaccessible to the visiting tourist. We can take you to a cave, the exploration of which will become a great challenge. You are expected to cross ledges and traverses, a net of wide and narrow corridors. Prior to this, the participants will undergo a short training session on how to behave properly in a cave.

Artistic workshop in Wygiełzów

- The picturesque village of Wygiełzów is situated at the foothill of the old Lipowiec Castle, once defending the borders of the land of Kraków. The village embraces the Nadwiślański Ethnographic Park, gathering together over 20 objects of historical wooden architecture. Objects deserving special attention are the arcaded house from Alwernia, the cottage of a rich 19th-century headman, and the wooden Holy Cross church.   Participants will see a presentation of traditional folk art and customs and learn how to make paper cutouts or paint on glass.

Academy of cooking in the manor house Folwark Zalesie

- Country feast in an authentic farm, situated 25 km from Kraków amidst forests and fields. Guests will visit an open–air museum of farming equipment and household utensils from the last century. They can try their skill at farm labour, bee-keeping, traditional bread baking, and butter and cheese making. The participants will be trained by a professional cook and then make themselves traditional specialities of Polish cuisine like dumplings or stuffed cabbage rolls. A folk music group will be performing during the event.

Subaru Motoring Event

- The event is run at the “Kielce” Racetrack - Poland's leading training centre for the Subaru drivers. After a brief course of instruction, and under the watchful gaze of highly-qualified instructors, the participants will be able to try their hand at sitting behind the wheel of a rally car. The cars used in this event are the Subaru Forester, Subaru Impreza STI, Mazda RX-8, Porsche 911, and the rally version of the Ford Focus. The drive will take place both on the asphalt track and off road. We organize races in Bug Riders – lightweight four-wheelers with powerful engines.  The Trolley – a skid simulator – is also available participants to try full long-distance skids in safe conditions. Finally, there is the Co-drive – a ride as passenger with Polish rally drivers.  As a supplementary option, there is also the opportunity for a driving display and Co-drive with Krzysztof Hołowczyc, Poland’s top rally driver. The event lasts 7 hours, and is completed with an announcement of the results and a prize-giving ceremony.

A Chance for Reflection with the Monks at Tyniec

- The Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec is picturesquely situated on a limestone hill on the bank of the river Wisła. The monastery, which was founded by King Boleslaw the Brave, was built in the second half of the eleventh century, and it very soon became a centre of spiritual and cultural life. The Church of Sts Peter and Paul was rebuilt in Baroque style in the early 17th century. In the church courtyard, we take a look at the wooden well-house, now a rare cultural antique from the Baroque age.
A guided tour round the abbey with an English-speaking monk, a tasting of Benedictine specialities and private concert by the Gregorian choir in the church. Followed by a meeting with the monks: a moment of reflection, and a chance to think about our lives and where we are going. The aim of the meeting is to assist all those who have stressful lives to reorder their priorities and live in proportion and harmony.

Walking Rally "Kraków Mosaic"

- This rally allows participants to discover the Old Town and the traditions of Kraków; its legends, and famous personalities like Copernicus and John Paul II, and also to have fun and learn about Polish life and a little more about Poland. The rally includes vodka tasting, workshops in traditional cracovian dance, a tasting of John Paul II’s favourite cream cake, a cycling competition, and more. The group is divided into teams, and each tries to find all the checkpoints included in the road book. At every checkpoint, the team has a different task or has to answer various questions in order to acquire points. The competition lasts 2 to 2 1/2 hours, and the final is in the reception of the hotel. The results are announced next day, and the winning team receives a prize.

A Cinderella from Kraków’s Kazimierz

- Helena Rubinstein – the owner of the cosmetics empire –was born on Christmas day 1872 in Kraków, in the Jewish district – Kazimierz. When Helena completed secondary school, her father decided that his daughter would study medicine. Although she liked the lab work, the smell of medications and the sight of blood made her ill, so she dropped her studies. Her father wanted her to marry a wealthy widower, twice her age, but Helena loved a poor medical student, so she decided to leave the country for Australia, to visit her uncle. She received from her mother twelve flacons of lotion, which was manufactured by a Kraków chemist. These twelve flacons were the seeds of her future fortune. The participants of our game will follow the paths of Helen Rubinstein in Kazimierz district, discovering in this way its monuments. The best players will get awards: products from the Helen Rubinstein parlour.

Discovering the Wieliczka Salt Mine

- A mine that has been in operation since the 13th century. Its underground corridors, chambers and stunning chapels with chandeliers made of crystal salt are unique in the world. Our unusual visit will give you the opportunity to hunt for a salt treasure, to experience the miners’ life and work as it was in the old days, and to admire “light and sound” effects. The best players will get awards: sculptures and lamps carved in salt. As an option, we offer here a Miner’s orchestra concert and a tasting of Polish vodka.

"Nature and Advanture" in Kraków

- Multi activity afternoon in a rural setting – a former quarry which is now a beautiful lake surrounded by limestone crags just 20 minutes’ drive from the Old Town.
After a briefing, the group is divided into teams and participates in a variety of activities:
1) Life Raft race. Teams will jump into their rafts and navigate across the lake using paddles.
2) Diving – a treasure hunt in the lake. 3) Segways – rides and competitions. A number of fun activities such as: a slalom, “egg and spoon race”, etc. 4) Buggy cars.

Adrenalin Rush

- The rally takes place in the mountainous area of Beskid West, which is located south of Krakow. The Beskids are long ranges covered by forests and meadows. Participants are divided into groups of 4-5, and receive their briefing in addition to a map and compass. Each team drives its Land Rover with an instructor, along defined routes. Their task is to drive the route as quickly as possible. On the way they have checkpoints, however, where they have a variety of tasks to accomplish, such as: rolling a barrel full of water up the mountainside, crossing a rope bridge over the river, or building a tower of plastic boxes.

Climbing in the Kobylańska Valley

- The Kobylańska Valley, situated in a very picturesque area near Kraków – the Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska – is a favourite place for climbing.  The naturally carved cliffs provide challenges suitable for both beginner and advanced climbers. After a brief training session and display of cliff climbing, participants will learn to climb, abseil, and also safety precautions, under the watchful gaze of qualified instructors. Cliff climbing develops responsibility and self-belief, increases team spirit, and teaches trust and co-operation. The perfect team-building event, together with a barbecue in a picturesque setting, will leave participants with unforgettable memories.

Historical dance workshops in Pieskowa Skała

- Workshops take place in the interiors of the Renaissance castle in Pieskowa Skała, which is situated on top of the limestone hill overlooking a picturesque river valley in the middle of the Ojcowski National Park. In the castle, there is an exhibition which is part of Wawel Royal collection. The event starts with a presentation of Renaissance and Baroque dances, then dancers demonstrate steps and invite participants to dance. Participants are divided into teams; each group is trained in a different dance in order to prepare a final show.

Active time in the Kraków Valley Golf & Country Club

- The Valley Golf & Country Club , one of the biggest golf resorts in Central Europe, is situated in Paczółtowice, about 45 minutes drive from Kraków. After a briefing, the group is divided into teams, who will participate in a variety of activities:
1)Golf Academy: Presentation of golf equipment, rules and golf etiquette. Learning the full swing; training at the Driving Range; and practice in chipping and putting.  Competitions:  Nearest to the Pit, Longest Drive and a Chip & Put Competition,
2)Golf tournament Texas Scramble - competition organized on the 6-hole Academy Course – available even for beginners.
3) Competitions on the shooting range - The Shooting Range is meant for sports and recreational shooting, both for static and dynamic shooting techniques. It has five firing posts for handguns and five firing posts for rifles.


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