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Speedway in Tarnów

Speedway in Poland dates back to the 1930s. Currently, it enjoys a good deal of popularity in Poland. Extraliga competitions are regularly attended by over 10 thousand spectators. In terms of the average number of fans at one meet, speedway beats the Polish Premier League in football. These competitions are considered to be one of the three strongest speedway leagues in the world (with the UK and Swedish), and the strongest financially – Polish speedway clubs offer their racers the highest earnings in the world.  Since 1990, the Polish league has regularly welcomed foreign riders, including the world leaders from the Grand Prix. The speedway centre in Małopolska is Tarnów – Poland’s warmest city.  Amateur speedway is also developing well, and Tarnów held Poland’s first amateur team meet in 2004.  In 2008, a mini speedway track was opened for training youngsters. In July 2009 Tarnów is hosting the European Junior Championships. And that’s why we ware offering to organise amateur competitions with Polish clubs as well as professional training for teenagers.   


White water kayaking for beginners and advanced

White water is canoeing on the foaming waters of mountain rivers amidst spectacular landscapes. The perfect conditions for beginners to learn kayaking are provided by the River Dunajec, which runs through the Pieniny National Park. It’s a splendid form of active relaxation and communing with nature. But Małopolska also has a place for advanced canoeists. Białka Tatrzańska is one of Poland’s few difficult rivers – it’s truly wild. Those who’d like to participate in training on this river should previously gain experience in one-man kayaks on a flowing river. This is the right place to perfect your kayaking skills, but not for learning the basics.  In Kraków, too, there is a professional artificial kayak course for experienced rowers. We offer training at various levels of difficulty, depending on the experience of the participants. 


Tennis in the FIT Zone

StrefaFit (The Fit Zone) is a modern sports and leisure centre in Kraków which offers the highest levels of service in sport, education, leisure, and biological rejuvenation. There are three earth (clay) courts and 3 synthetic (artificial grass) courts available. In the summer season, lessons take place on uncovered courts. In the winter season, in closed and heated buildings. We offer lessons on the basics of lawn tennis and improvement in technique, as well as organising tennis tournaments. We promote a healthy lifestyle. As a complement for tennis training, we also offer power training, aerobics, and stamina, physiotherapy and recreation. We offer individual dietary plans and assistance in changing your nutritional habits.  One undoubted benefit of the centre is its location in Kraków – Poland’s tourist and cultural capital – not far from Wieliczka with its unique Salt Mine. Here, we can provide an attractive training and tourist programme for many days.


Snowboarding in Witów

Witów is a picturesque village covering a section of the western Tatras – the Chochołowska and Lejowa Valley and a area outside the Tatras: the northern section of the Czarny Dunajec. One of Witów’s more interesting relics of its past is the beautiful wooden church. But in nearby Zakopane, Poland’s winter capital, wooden architecture has considerably more magnificent examples.   The alpine climate serves both fitness and active relaxation. In Witów there are ever more ski and snowboard slopes. A further bonus is the beautiful view of the Tatras and “Jagna’s School” – European champion in snowboarding and world junior champion Jagna Marczułajtis’ school of skiing and snowboarding. Here, we offer the chance to improve your snowboarding skills under the watchful eye of highly qualified instructors. For those who enjoy competition we can offer real races full of emotion and rivalry. Each participant has the opportunity here to test themselves and show off.


In a Western Style

Western is the style of horse riding recommended to all those who want to ride safely and surely. The horses are trained both for walks and treks. Western-style riding can also be spectacular. Thrillseekers can practise and improve in rodeo competitions and stunt displays. We welcome both beginners and advanced riders to Roleski Ranch, one of Poland’s largest Western style riding centres. The centre is in Stare Żukowice, around 90 km east of Kraków. Roleski Ranch is a comfortable stables for around 60 horses, a 30 x 80 riding hall with seating for about 800 spectators, comfortable guest rooms and all the infrastructure required for organising Western competitions, training and breeding of horses, and also a pleasant active way to spend time. The infrastructure includes the roofed round pen, a carousel for horses, spacious pastures, a restaurant with a bowling alley, a training golf course, training track for quad bikes, an outdoor swimming pool and a chance to ride a segway.


Skiing in Krynica

Krynica Zdrój, situated in the south-eastern corner of Małopolska, is the pearl of Polish spas with a promenade, stylish pensions, health clubs and places to take the mineral waters. Krynica offers concerts in classical music, opera, and operetta, but also the prestigious economic forum with the participation of Presidents from Central and Eastern Europe. Krynica also has a wide range to offer fans of active leisure; Poland’s best ski station is here at Jaworzyna Krynicka.     A gondola railway over 2200 m long carries skiers to the ski complex which has routes approved by the FIS.  We offer courses for beginners and advanced skiers under the eye of qualified instructors, as well as organising ski competitions. In Krynica and its environs there are also other ski centres at Słotwiny, Wierchomla, and Sucha Dolina which are at our disposal.


Team sports in Zielonki

The municipality of Zielonki lies in the Ojcowski National Park between the picturesque hills and Kraków, which it directly borders to the south. The town holds a sports hall which is available for training and competitions. The hall can be used for league matches at Polish championship level for disciplines like volleyball, basketball, and handball, tennis and table tennis, badminton, and gymnastics. The building has four changing rooms with showers, and seating for nearly 300 spectators which is equipped with a lift for the disabled.   But the picturesque surroundings allow for the programme to be varied with walks and bike trails to the most beautiful gorges and Jurassic caves, or through the forests of the Ojcowski National Park. History lovers can visit the castles at Pieskowa Skala, Ojców, or Korzkiew, as well as the unique old town of Kraków, of course.


Meetings with bison, knight and king

We welcome you to the Niepołomicka Puszcza, a forest complex east of Kraków, to meet bison, knights, and kings. The Puszcza [primeval forest] was one of Polish rulers’ favourite hunting grounds. It was used by  Kazimierz the Great, Władysław Jagiełło, Zygmunt I the Old with Queen Bona, Zygmunt II the August, Stefan Batory, Jan II Sobieski, and August II the Strong. One of the most famous hunts in the Niepołomicka forest was organised at the command of August II the Strong. During the three-day hunt, the King bagged 3 elk, 17 deer, 33 boar, 85 roe deer, 13 wolves and a number of foxes and hares. Today the forest lands are protected and there is a reservation for the European bison, and marked tourist trails are perfect for cross-country races. And so we welcome you to the “bloodless hunt” not on horseback but on your own tewo legs, in search of bison and knights, and perhaps even a king. The participants are divided into groups and the winning group is the one which travels the marked route the fastest while successfully completing a variety of challenges. On the edge of the forest there is a castle which was the residence of Polish kings for centuries; their resting place during hunts where crown congresses took place, courts were held and laws were published. The participants in the run, after their exhausting efforts, are able to rest, visit the castle and have a meal here. Niepołomice offers excellent sporting facilities, a hall, a swimming pool, comfortable apartments for longer visits in order to prepare yourself properly for the cross-country runs. 


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